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Anxiety is a natural and adaptive response that our bodies have to stress or potential threats. It’s like a built-in alarm system that helps us stay safe. When you’re faced with a challenging or dangerous situation, your body releases hormones like adrenaline, which prepare you to respond quickly. This is often referred to as the ‘fight or flight’ response.

However, sometimes this system can become overly sensitive or go into overdrive even when there’s no immediate danger. This is what we call an anxiety disorder. It’s as if your brain is telling you that something can go wrong at any turn.

Anxiety can manifest into physical symptoms, such as a pounding heart, stomach distress, shortness of breath, dizziness, muscle tension, sweating, trembling, or a sense of impending doom. These symptoms can feel so distressing that many people mistake the feelings of anxiety for a heart attack or other medical problems.

In addition to the physical symptoms, anxiety can also feel mentally exhausting. Anxiety can make you excessively worry about future events, past mistakes, or things that may never happen. It can interfere with your ability to concentrate, make decisions, and enjoy life. Individuals who struggle with an anxiety disorder often complain of racing thoughts that play over and over in their minds on an endless loop.

Anxiety is a common experience that many people face at some point in their lives. The good news is that anxiety is treatable, and with the right therapy and coping strategies, you can learn to manage it effectively. Our goal in treatment is to help you regain control over your anxiety, reduce its impact on your life, and improve your overall well-being.


When it comes to treating anxiety disorders, research shows that therapy is usually the most effective option. That’s because anxiety therapy – as opposed to anxiety medication – treats more than just symptoms of the problem. Therapy can help uncover the underlying causes of your worries and fears, learn how to relax, look at situations in a new, less frightening way, and develop better-coping mechanisms and problem-solving skills.

With the help of a highly trained anxiety therapist, you can overcome your fears and approach life with confidence and peace of mind.

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