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Providing support and practical tools to work through personal or professional challenges.

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When you are feeling stuck

It’s frustrating when you’re struggling with issues that feel like they are consuming your life—worry, stress, sleep issues, relationship problems, feeling overwhelmed, or health problems—and nothing you have tried has brought the relief you need.

We can help you cope with grace, facilitate healing, and create lasting change.

Coping Resource Center

Our Psychotherapy Services

Therapy that uses a science-based compassionate approach to help adults, couples, and teens cope with challenges such as anxiety, trauma, chronic health issues, and insomnia in Houston, Texas.

Areas Of Support

Our team of psychologists is here to give you the practical tools and strategies you need to deal with life’s challenges.

Anxiety Therapy

Trauma Therapy

Life Transitions

OCD Therapy

Depression Therapy

Chronic Pain or Illness

Substance Issues

Insomnia Treatment

Coping Resource Center

Modalities We Use

CBT Therapy

DBT Therapy

Exposure Therapy

Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Telehealth Therapy

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You’ve come to the right place.


Why Work With
Coping Resource Center

We believe therapy should be action-oriented. It’s not just what happens inside the session but how it applies to your life outside of therapy.

Our goal is to provide you with the support and tools you need to create meaningful change in your life!

Liz Ross

Dr. Liz Ross | Founder


Our practice is built on:


We’re committed to offering you the most advanced and effective treatments tailored to your needs. We invest in the latest tools and treatment options, including virtual reality for exposure therapy, to ensure you receive the highest standard of care.


Our clinicians understand what you’re facing. We listen, believe, and validate your experiences. If you’ve faced medical issues or trauma that others might have dismissed we offer the support you need to overcome challenges and live with peace of mind.


We help you get the results you need. You are the center of your own care, and we offer practical tools and strategies to help you cope with and manage each challenge that arises. We work as a team to ensure you are matched with the best therapist for your care.

We offer real human connection, grounded in science and focused on results.


Match With A Therapist

Coping Resource Center

How Our Therapy Works

By learning how to apply simple practical strategies in your everyday life, you’ll gain the strength and confidence to not only face your current difficulties but also handle future challenges more effectively.


We look at the whole you


We get clear on a direction


We help you move forward

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our fees vary on provider experience.

Our current fees for licensed clinicians is $250 for an individual session and $300 for couples or family sessions.

The rate for advanced trainees operating under the supervision of a licensed clinician is $130 for individual, couples, and family sessions.

At Coping Reosurce Center, we are currently private pay only. We are out-of-network with insurance. However, we have partnered with Mentaya, a platform that helps clients get money back on out-of-network therapy sessions. If you have out-of-network benefits, Mentaya will file claims and handle the insurance paperwork to make sure you get reimbursed.

They charge a 5% fee per claim and have helped people get thousands of dollars back per year. You can sign up using this link: SIGN UP

Note: Mentaya’s goal is to save you time and money. It’s completely optional, and as your therapist, I do not benefit in any way from your participation.

The decision to book your first appointment is the first step towards improving your mental
health and achieving peace of mind. The therapists at Coping Resource Center are highly skilled at evaluating your needs and determining what treatment plan might be best for you. You do not have to suffer alone. Psychotherapy is intended to give you the skills you need to navigate all of the challenges that life
might throw at you. If you are looking for a tangible way to handle your problems, you are in the
right place.

The length of therapy might vary depending on the presenting issues, however, our treatments are intended to be short-term meaning that our goal is to give you the skills you need to move on with your life. Sessions typically start out on a weekly basis and then are spaced out as you start to improve. Although our goal is for you to “graduate” from therapy we are also open to scheduling monthly check-ins or booster sessions as needed. We want to meet you where you are at and provide the level of care that is necessary given your own unique situation.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of life, psychotherapy may be a good fit for you.
Coping Resource Center specializes in helping individuals manage symptoms and regain control over their
mental health. If you’re unsure whether therapy is right for you, scheduling a consultation with
one of our therapists can provide insight into how therapy can specifically address your needs
and concerns.

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Coping Resource Center

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