Luane Rabello


Practicum Student Clinician

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Areas Of Focus


I enjoy providing therapy for young adults and adults who are struggling with the most variety of problems. My approach is mainly focused on emotional processing and cognitive schemas, and how past/present emotional patterns shape individuals` experiences and influence their suffering. I also aim to provide an approach focused on the here and now with clients, in which relational aspects in the room are a key aspect of the therapy process. Lastly, my approach also focuses on the interconnection of mind-body, in which body approaches (e.g. meditation) are explored as a way of emotional healing.

I do believe that emotions are the key components of life struggles and that gaining knowledge and awareness of our emotional patterns and cognitive schemas can help us overcome dysfunctional psychological and behavioral patterns. I also believe that anyone is a good candidate to explore their feelings and how they impact them, regardless of how familiar they might be with how they feel. For those who feel stuck, even when they have already tried everything in order to feel better, I would invite them to open up to the experience of exploring their emotional schemas and body-mind connection as a path for healing and well-being.

As a clinician in training, I have spent the last three years receiving training in the most varied approaches and being supervised by licensed psychologists. My primary goal is to meet where you are and to tailor your treatment plan based on your most urgent needs and goals.

We only heal when we learn how to feel.