Marla Munro

M.S.Ed., B.A.

Doctoral Clinician

Works With


Areas Of Focus

I am a fifth-year counseling psychology Ph.D. student at the University of Houston. As a doctoral clinician, I provide therapy for adults, adolescents, and children who are wanting to gain strategies, skills, and support to better manage their mental health. I am especially excited to work with clients who have OCD to help them better understand their symptoms, gradually face their fears, and regain their freedom from OCD. I also enjoy working with patients with ADHD and Autism from a neurodiversity-affirming, disability justice lens to help them find ways to work with their brain, instead of against it. Other areas of clinical interest for me include body-focused repetitive behaviors (skin picking, hair pulling, etc.) and LGBTQ+ identity.

I approach treatment in an integrative way, bringing together a variety of interventions and theories to find a combination that best works for each patient. For some, therapy can feel scary or overwhelming at first. Thus, I aim to build a solid foundation of trust and open communication with each client to make sure they feel empowered and affirmed as a partner in their own treatment.

Prior to joining the Coping Resource Center team, I completed practicum placements at University of Houston Clear Lake’s Counseling and Mental Health Center, Baylor College of Medicine’s OCD Program, and Psychology Houston, PC.

I love spending time with my cat, trying new coffee shops, and visiting new places!